Friday, May 14, 2010

Tigers....never again!

Thomas Cup....yes....the elusive cup that has avoided Malaysian soil for what....18 years? it was back in 1992 I still remembered that I got a free public holiday because Malaysia won it's first ever Thomas Cup. Years has proven that it might be our last.

You would say I am being pessimistic, not being patriotic, looking down upon fellow Malaysians. OK. Let me prove to you a fact. Malaysian football (soccer) team are called the Malaysia Tigers and coincidentally, we are indeed the Tiger of Asia in the football arena more than 30 years back. We are one of the best if not the best and we hell did beat a lot of teams back then. In the very same era, Japanese were still short, with underdeveloped hands and legs (so to say) and don't even know what the hell's football. Fast forward 30 years, and we have Japan kicking our balls all the way back to Neolithic age should we be having a game with them.

What about badminton? Didn't we did great? Oh Yes we DID! Our dear Datuk Lee is the world No.1 male singles badminton player. Having him on the Malaysian team does bring hope that we would be able to hoist the elusive Thomas Cup once again. With homegrown advantage (that is a freaking whole load of psychology advantage), it is very slim that our 'tigers' would be tame. Reality does have a really big way of telling you straight in the face. Our No.1 player, lasted only 48 minutes in the court, with a very dismal 2nd set. Lin Dan came in the court all high and mighty but our dear Datuk was frowning. Playing in your own court and can't you at least beam or radiate with a little bit of confidence? Sigh.... of course, since No.1 went down, no point rambling on with the 2nd and 3rd matches. China went ahead with straight sets.

Although we should be consoling our players on the losses they suffered, the BAM Patron YABhg. Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor said: "Mungkin GABRA pemain kita" Hm....GABRA? how can you GABRA in your own court? Your homegrown? Kalau boleh gabra kat gelanggang sendiri, apatah lagi kat gelanggan lawan? Belum masuk dah sakit jantung kot!

As what my cousin said, tomorrow headlines should read: "Malaysia Tersungkur Semasa Cuba Memanjat Tembok Besar China."

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